Monday, April 28, 2008


Good Morning guys.....
The week finds me traveling through northern WY, right now I am in Sheridan seeing if a church should be here and if God may be calling us here. Great college town of 15k plus.
I am getting reflections from Nat'l CP Team members and I have been asked to weigh in. I will cut paste the comments once I receive them all. I will meet Dave this week to talk about maybe pulling us together soon.

Here are some things to ponder some....

what were the one or two highlights from each of you?

what would you want different next year?

what is the synergy from a conference like this for your regional teams and the district?

how many of you are making your way to the national conference? you are welcome to meet with me and the national team. Darrin Patrick is having a day conversation with us.

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